Dear friends,

I'm sitting in Chicago, thinking about the end of 2017 and taking a moment in gratitude. I'm always amazed at the amount of living you can fit into a single day, let alone an entire this year. This year I lived more than ever before. A large part of that was because of my partner Émilie.

This year we moved her to the US after a long visa/green card process. We got married. We got married a second time. Then we finally were able to start spending our days together. It's been the biggest blessing of my life. Her presence has helped me grow so much as a teacher, business owner, partner and most of all as an individual. There were many highlights in 2017, but Lily was by far the brightest point. Here are some other things I am grateful for from 2017.

Holding an advanced copy of my book (I Wanna Be Well). The feeling that I really wrote a book I am proud of, and it's really coming out thanks to Rod and to Wisdom Publications.

Teenage Bottlerocket being back home on Fat Wreck Chords and releasing an LP (Stealing the Covers) and an EP (Goin' Back to Wyo). 

Touring 5 continents with my brothers Darren, Ray and Kody. Playing awesome shows and taking the time to take in some amazing experiences. Some highlights include visiting Izumo Taisha in Japan, hanging out with Kangaroos in Australia, returning to Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia, visiting Argentina for the first time, first visit to Hawaii and starting and ending the year with shows in Chicago. There was a Japanese tribute to TBR put out by our friends at Dumb Records which was excellent. We were invited on a private tour of the Whitehouse, which despite my feelings about current politics, was a pretty surreal experience. 

Blossom Yoga continued to grow and move forward. Our Cheyenne location reached it's first year anniversary and our Laramie location expanded to include Pilates. We started a morning meditation group which has evolved into a strong group of consistent practitioners dedicated to what I believe to be the hardest class we teach. Thanks to my wife my own teaching skills have improved drastically and our studios offer more ways than ever to help people connect inward.

Speaking of my wife, her and her friends put out and amazing record this year. If you haven't already checked out Oh My Snare, you're missing out. 

This is starting to get long so I'm gonna bullet point the rest and go outside. Other cool things from 2017

Getting asked to be my niece's Godfather

Hanging with Green Day and Mike Dirnt saying he likes TBR.

Yoga for Punks gaining more of a following than ever, and having a smashing event at Fest

Witnessing a Total Eclipse

Filling in for a few shows with the Lillingtons (who put out a great record this year as well)

I lost some weight

I incorporated Ho’oponopono into my practice

My dogs. Duh

My dad. Duh

Redoing the floors at my house and generally making things nicer there

Movies: IT, Coco

Books: It Came From Beyond Zen by Brad Warner, Unsubscribe by Josh Korda

Music: Way too many and I don't wanna forget anyone, so just gonna say the new Bad Cop/Bad Cop record really blew me away.

Games: Super Mario Odyssey

Thanks everyone for such an amazing year. Your presence in my life is a gift and I am so grateful.

2018 is already shaping up to somehow be even more epic than 2017, first stop India, then shortly when I'm back my book comes out and LOTS of other really super amazing stuff in the works. My heart is crazy full. May all of your lives be filled with adventure, love and gratitude my friends. Thank you

High fives and hugs,