I Wanna Be Well


My first book

Is coming out soon on Wisdom Publications and I can't wait for everyone to check it out. You can pre-order it now at Amazon!

Here's what a few of my friends who have read it have to say 

“What a wonderful book! I can't recommend it enough.” (Chris Grosso, author of Indie Spiritualist)

“We often think of spirituality as something soft and shiny, practiced in serene places far from the grit of everyday life. This book’s not that. Miguel Chen turns spirituality on its head by inviting us into his world—the punk realm of dark rock halls, f&#k you’s, and loud music—and he challenges us to find spirituality amid the noise and chaos. This is a book of self-care for a world that increasingly resembles a mosh pit.”

  (Jason Garner, author of . . . And I Breathed.)

“A self-help book for anyone who just needs to cut through the crap of everyday life and find some peace and acceptance in a world of chaos.”

  (Jim Lindberg, lead singer of Pennywise and author of Punk Rock Dad)

“Miguel demonstrates a tangible spiritual practice grounded in reality that is available anywhere, anytime—and Miguel lets us know that we too can be well.” (Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Love)

“Much in the spirit of Dharma Punx, Get In The Van, or even Please Kill Me, Miguel Chen has done something important with this book. And I’m gonna stop feeling self-conscious about listening to DRI while doing yoga.” (Zach Blair, guitarist for Rise Against)

“Miguel Chen’s I Wanna Be Well is an honest and thoughtful approach to mindfulness. The book is full of insight and succinct ideas for anyone looking to expand their viewpoint and live well. A comfortable and fun read for intellectual and pinhead punks alike.” (Trever Keith, singer for Face To Face)